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Ukuleles for Peace Perform Another Rainbow

“Ukuleles For Peace” perform “Another Rainbow,” in English, Arabic and Hebrew in Hawaii


It's amazing on what the power and the gift of music can do for this world!

Last Summer, “Another Rainbow,” was the featured song in a two hour Japanese documentary connecting the song’s message of hope, peace and inspiration to the suffering people of Fukushima. The song became a diplomatic anthem between Hawaii, USA and Japan…It was groundbreaking for my songwriting career and for Hawaii’s gift of aloha…

Now the song had transcended to the Middle East…
Please check this out….

“This was the week that was!”

Happiness is seeing Arab and Israeli children embracing each other with love, aloha, and music in Hawaii.
In as much as religion sometimes separates people, the healing power of music brings those different faiths with different beliefs together; and with no BOUNDARIES! All week long this group of very talented Arab and Israeli musicians from the Middle East, "Ukuleles For Peace," have been spreading their message of peace and SHALOHA throughout Hawaii!

This is an amazing story of music, children and peace that must be told…

About 11 years ago, an English musician by the name of Paul Moore who was living in Israel at the time came up with this groundbreaking idea of creating a group of Arab and Israeli ukulele musicians. For Paul, the ukulele was an instrument dear to his heart and Hawaii was the land that only existed in his dreams. Feeling incensed by the ongoing war and politics between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East, Paul formed this group of 12 young musicians (Arab and Israeli ages 13-20) and called them, “Ukuleles For Peace.” Eleven years later they are still touring throughout the Middle East and Europe. The group “Ukuleles For Peace” have managed to put politics aside and have joined forces in the name of music and peace…These innocent kids who most likely could have once been enemies, have now bonded in a kindred friendship through music…

Last January I was approached by my good friend and humanitarian, Mr. Seymour Kazimirski (whose parents were both Holocaust victim survivors) about this group. When I heard what was happening, I immediately wanted to be a part of this noteworthy mission.
In Skyping Paul Moore and his Israeli wife and manager for the group Daphna, I had introduced them to the song, “Another Rainbow.” Then everything had changed…


Through a series of hurdles we finally got them to Hawaii and they made musical history.

Ukuleles For Peace, had performed at a Temple Emanu-El, (a Jewish Temple) The Hard Rock Café, The Honolulu Zoo with the Mayor, the 45th Annual Roy Sakuma Ukulele Festival with over 10,000 participants and more…Roy and Kathy Sakuma were the key decision makers along with a committee of kind hearted volunteers and sponsors (including yours truly and Seymour) in bringing this group to Hawaii!

To see Arab and Israeli children embracing each other with love, aloha, and music is what I live and what I write for…
To see these children playing the world peace anthem, “Another Rainbow,” in English, Israeli and Arabic was heavenly and endearing.
Attached is a You Tube video link of “Ukuleles For Peace” performing, “Another Rainbow,” at the Hard Rock Café. Included is an interview with two of the “Ukuleles For Peace” musicians; a Moslem performer by the name of Sewar and the group’s band leader Adam who is an Israeli…They explain from their hearts what the song “Another Rainbow, ” has meant to them. After being with these very special children for the past week, my whole outlook on politics in the Middle East has changed…and all because of music, children and the song, “Another Rainbow!”

I think that this is a story in the making where we combine children for world peace from the Middle East, the ukulele, Hawaii and the song, “Another Rainbow!”

PLEASE share this amazing story and this You Tube link to all who you know who want to make a difference in our world through music!


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