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MUSIC Placement

RSM offers an exclusive 50/50 music publishing deal for our commercial songwriters. We also propose for the right titles, a music financing service in which RSM sponsors the full production and recording of your titles for commercial release. Once your project is produced, RSM shops your music titles towards movies, television, documentaries, and commercials. RSM then services your new titles to over 150 radio stations worldwide. RSM places your music on various compilation projects worldwide. Once we select you and your music as our exclusive clients, we next begin our responsibility in promoting your music worldwide as “All Roads Lead To Publishing.”

Our commitment to our songwriters is professional and relentless. We also shop your titles with commercial recording artists from Japan to the to US to Europe. Our network of resources includes music producers, recording engineers, sub-publishers, music attorneys, accountants, and co-writers; making our publishing company the #1 choice for Island music.

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  • About Us

    Bobby Pileggi is the President and CEO of the Robert Sterling Music New York Publishing Company LLC. With offices established on the island of paradise, Molokai and in Honolulu, Hawaii, Pileggi currently heads the largest publishing company of its kind. Representing over 300 indigenous music creators from Island territories ranging from Hawaii down to Australia, Robert Sterling Music controls the publishing and the master recordings for over 3,000 original music titles.

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