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Brother For The People

"I Believe"


The "Pride of Samoa" Pati ("Island Girls," "I Wanna Love You Tonight") is finally back and this time his long awaited and most anticipated new single release, "I Believe," feat. Sina is a song of substance, emotion, and hope. Two of the most important words that anyone could ever say or live in their lives are the words, "I Believe." "I Believe" is the universal connection between fate, faith and the future. Produced by Kapena DeLima (Bu Print) Bobby Pileggi (RSM) and Jules Washington (Blue Planet), "I Believe," is the perfect song where melody meets lyric in the purest form of music. Ingeniously fusing colorful genres of Acoustic Soul, Reggae, Pop and R&B, "I Believe," exudes infectious vocals, endearing lyrics and a powerful message for all to hear and experience. It's great to see Pati and his amazing voice back. This time around "I Believe" that this special song will make a statement in music history and for all Pati fans, old and new to share, love and appreciate...

Released on the RSM Record Label "I Believe" is scheduled for release on July 28, 2015 on i-Tunes and other fine digital store worldwide. /p>


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