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With 35 years of music related and programming experience to his credit, RSM CEO Bobby Pileggi first started his music career in the 1970’s as a disc jockey from New York. Having personally worked with several “icons in the entertainment industry” including Clive Davis, Steve Wynn, Donald Trump, Paul Williams, and Whitney Houston.

Bobby first began his publishing career on the Hawaiian islands by writing songs and producing music for local recording artists. After producing hundreds of music projects and creating economic opportunity for local songwriters and recording artists, Pileggi is now the leader and “The Choice of Polynesia” in the Island music publishing field.

Bobby Pileggi is a also premiere songwriter having penned many hits in Hawaii including “Another Rainbow,” one of the greatest world peace songs of the new millennium. Other hits include, “Go Go Go Go,” performed by Jeffro feat. Da’Ville, “I Believe,” performed by Iakopo, “I Don’t Need A Man,” performed by Monique, and the Billboard Top 10 dance hit, “I Want My Island Girl,” recorded by Darrell Labrado.

Pileggi is also the founder and the creator of the new genre of music from the islands called i-Pop music. i-Pop music is a new genre of music created by songwriters from the islands in the Pacific ranging from Hawaii down to Australia…The “i” stands for Island and the “Pop” represents music from the “People of Polynesia.” This exciting new sound of music is a multi-fusion of genres including Soul, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Jazz and Rock.

In combing a successful “history of careers” in A&R, music programming, music supervision, songwriting, production, management, marketing, and music publishing, Bobby Pileggi’s philosophy and publishing company motto is “All Roads Lead To Publishing.” At Robert Sterling Music New York Publishing, Bobby Pileggi and his creative team are working at the title… when you need “great music for a placement and a license to clear!”

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    Bobby Pileggi is the President and CEO of the Robert Sterling Music New York Publishing Company LLC. With offices established on the island of paradise, Molokai and in Honolulu, Hawaii, Pileggi currently heads the largest publishing company of its kind. Representing over 300 indigenous music creators from Island territories ranging from Hawaii down to Australia, Robert Sterling Music controls the publishing and the master recordings for over 3,000 original music titles.

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