Premiere i-Pop recording artist, Two Feet Standing (formerly Josiah Kekoa from Ten Feet “Island Feeling,“ “Back Home,” “True” ) is back and this time his new release, “Miracle,” is a song where substance and soul both meet at the heart. Produced by Mat Twice (Pitful-Milano) and Bobby Pileggi (Robert Sterling Music Publishing) “Miracle” is a crossover pop/rock anthem that gives thanks to life’s special blessings in a commitment towards love and appreciation for faith….

Composed and inspired with meaningful lyrics, infectious hooks and powerful vocals, “Miracle’s” message is universal and can fit any placement where goodness prevails… “Miracle,” is a tribute to all of the words ever written in the history of time in the form of songs, poems, books, and letters of hope that were once crafted by those have who followed in the name of love and peace.

Available-April 7, 2015 on i-Tunes and other fine digital stores worldwide…be the first to get your “Miracle,” and make it happen!